How long will it take to dispatch my order?


Orders are normally dispatched in 2-3 working days depending on current orders, if you are in a rush to receive your order please let us know and we will advise on timescale, please allow 10 days before contacting us.


Customised orders may take slightly longer & Wooden plaques take 2-5 days.


What is an application Squeegee?

 An application squeegee is a small tool that is made specificaly for the application process, they can be used many times over so only one needs to be ordered per order.


What surface can Wall Stickers be applied on?

 All of our stickers can be applied on any clean and smooth flat surface including walls, windows, mirrors, doors, floors, metal, Glass, laptops and even your wheelie bins.


How do you apply Wall Stickers?

 We Simply follow the instructions on the Fitting Guide page.


 What material are the stickers made of and how durable is it?

  All of our stickers are produced using high quality vinyl's that will last over 5 years if used properly and untouched.


Can Wall Stickers be removed?

 Yes, our stickers can be easily removed by simply peeling them off. But be more careful and peel slowly if you are peeling stickers that have been on a surface for a long period of time. The use of a Hairdryer will help.


How do I remove any bubbles that may occur during application?

During the application process some air may be trapped between the Vinyl and the surface creating tiny bubbles, to remove these simply use the application squeegee to gently push the bubble to the edge.

Can I return my order?

Customised orders are non returnable.

If you are unhappy with your order for whatever reason. You can simply return it to us in its original condition and packaging within 14 days. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. A refund will be issued upon satisfactory inspection of the return item the return will be delt with in accordance to our returns policy. Please note that this does not apply for custom made orders, as these items are specially made to order.

If you wish to return an item simply log into your account and click on return request.

If you are unsure on vinyl colours then please purchase a Colour Sample








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